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Feb 13, 2013



As soon as I moved from the Events department to a marketing role at Classic Party Rentals I knew what my first project would be. As an Event Coordinator I found it difficult to direct clients to our website to look at photos that were pixilated and obviously amateurly photographed.

Often products where missing entirely from the website.  When cases like this arose, the solution came in form of an individual locating the product in the warehouse, taking a picture with there phone and emailing it to the client. This led to poor quality photos that as an event coordinator made it difficult to deliver the message of quality to our customers.

Upon discussing my concerns with my manager at the time, he agreed with my ideas that new standards had to be set in order to insure quality photography was being produced moving forward. At the time budget for an undertaking like this was sparse and I was tasked with moving the project forward on a tight budget.

With the budget, set I started to strategize a plan to catalog all Classic product. This included organizing a photo shoot for the the products to be used in a print product binder, web images and later for an iPad catalog.

The following steps were a handful I managed and executed...

  • Gathering Content
    • Choose products to be included
    • Filter through rental products to find best example of product to be photographed
    • Establishing and identifying groups
  • Hired a Professional Photographer
  • Created a Picture Protocol
  • Managed Two Day Photo Shoot of 5,000 Products
  • Photoshoped all photos
  • Created a catalog design
  • Oversaw printing and assembly